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Awning repairs Expert in Sydney

We try to cater to as many customers as possible, by offering both Awning repairs and complete New Awnings in many different styles.
There are usually savings to be had from restitching or recovering the fabric instead of  replacing  the whole awning.
Of course it depends on the age and condition of the awning as to weather it can be repaired or not .
So we usually offer and quote both options and let the customer decide which option is best for them.
We don’t mind doing small to large repairs . We can cater to both domestic and commercial premises.
If the awning fabric is too old to be restitched  then we would suggest to  recover it  , to bring it back to life in the same colour.  Or if you want a change and  different colour or pattern , then we can do that also . We have hundreds of canvas colours to choose from to meet your needs and taste.

Folding arm awning repairs
As well as supplying new Awnings, we also do all types of repairs for Folding arm awnings. Whether they be manual operation or motorised, we can help you.
Most of the problems occur , when the Awning is left extended out in a storm or bad weather.
Folding Arm Awnings , are not designed to cope well in this situation, because the arms can be bent or broken and the fabric torn.
Normally if the arms are damaged, most blind companies will not replace arms and they would quote you on a complete new awning. This can be very expensive.
But we can replace your broken or damaged arms with new ones. This is a much cheaper option and avoids having to replace the whole awning.
Another problem is when the stitching on the canvas fabric comes apart or is torn. Normally one would need to replace and recover the whole fabric. We can certainly do this, but if your budget is limited, a cheaper option we can provide , is to put a patch on the affected area. We try to match the existing colour and fabric as much as possible and this will allow you to be able to continue to use your awning without blowing the budget.
Also if your motor or gear box breaks down or any other part, you can be confident that we will be able to help you and try and save you some money .

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