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We can clean Venetian blinds, roller blinds, vertical drapes, roman blinds, Panel glides , Canvas fabric Awnings and Clear plastic cafe style awnings.

Venetian blinds are taken away off site and pressure cleaned. Roller blinds are also done in our factory, they are washed down and dried before returning to customer.
Vertical drapes are also taken away . They are soaked in a solution , rinsed, then hung to dry before rehanging at customers premises.
Roman blinds can be given a light or heavy clean.? A light clean, is done on site at customers home. We wash down the blind while hanging , with a dry cleaning solution which dries within minutes.
A light clean is effective in refreshing the fibres and removing dust.
A heavy clean, is a much more thorough clean. It is more labour intensive and is effective in removing most stains . The fabric is detached from the head box including all the cords, cord rings and battens. The fabric is washed in a machine, dried and ironed before reattaching the battens , cords and restitching the plastic cord rings to fabric.

Panel glides are given a light clean using our dry cleaning solution . This can be either done on site or taken away to our factory and refitted upon our return.

With the cleaning of fabric Awnings, it depends on age and condition of fabric. If there is mold and dirt we can wash it down and then treat the mould with a special solution to remove it . The results will depend on age and condition of fabric.
Another option, if affected area can’t be cleaned , is to detach the whole fabric from the awning . Then we would cut off the piece of fabric affected or damaged. We would restitch the fabric and reattach it to the awning. This means that the projection of awning would not be the same and would
be slightly shorter, but with most large awnings, this is hardly noticeable.

Also the section of fabric that is on the back of the roll is usually in near new condition , so another option available is, we could turn the fabric upside down. Restitch it and reattach it to the front to make it look like new again ??
Last option , if fabric were too old or in too bad a condition , would be to replace the whole fabric with a new one in either the same colour or a different colour . ?
So as you can see there are several options we can provide to our customers to save them money.

With clear plastic cafe style awnings which may be dirty, dull and difficult to see through.
We wash these on site and then we apply a special solution , we let it dry and then buff up to restore the plastic , allowing clear vision again.