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We provide canvas awning installation, repair and maintenance services. We can provide advise on all types of outdoor blinds from manual operation to motorised and retractable – fixed awnings. They can be operated by either wand, cord, remote control device or wall mounted.

Canvas Awning repairs

We provide a wide variety of repairs for all types of canvas. We can recover the whole awning or do re stitching. This can be done onsite if its a small area , or if its a large area, we would detach the whole canvas, take it away to the factory, restitch the ripped or torn area by machine , then return it and reattach to the frame.
It all depends on your budget , what your expectations are and age of canvas. There are various options available.
Once we examine the condition of the Awning we would be able to advise the cheapest and best option for you.
So if you need new Awnings, spare parts, any repairs , please give us a call and we will try to help you.

Another option to repair torn or ripped canvas is to put a patch on the area affected. We try to match the fabric as much as possible , but the patch is usually visible. The advantage is that its a way to strengthen the fabric for a fraction of the cost  of recovering the whole awning. This is usually done by glueing the patch  to the existing canvas and once bonded,  is very strong and durable and resistant to rain and the harsh Australian sun.

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