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We install new Awnings in various designs and for different applications. We operate all across Sydney. We supply outdoor coverings for many types of business including, cafes, restaurants, shops, offices, and homes.
Outdoor blinds provide good and long-lasting protection from the harsh sun and heat as well as protection from rain and wind.
Awnings or outdoor blinds are made to last for many years. But care is required especially with storms and strong winds, doing much damage if care is not taken. All outdoor blinds should be retracted and never left out in bad weather.
If your awning is damaged due to bad weather, the good news is that most parts can be replaced, but it can be very costly.
We supply manual operation as well as motorised and remote control.

Custom made outdoor blinds Sydney

Custom made outdoor blinds can enhance the beauty of your outdoors. There is a wide range of materials and fabrics, from sunscreen, canvas, acrylic and aluminium. We provide quality installation and make sure it’s fitted correctly and safely at all times, so we never have to go back.
We are a 100% owned and operated Australian small business.
You can be confident in all our new products and repairs which come always with a genuine warranty.