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We can recover most awnings in most fabrics. We normally prefer to take the awning away to the factory to be recovered and then refit it. With Holland blind recovers, we can either do it onsite or take it away.

The turn around time  for most recovers taken away to factory is usually within one week, depending on size of job and availability of fabrics.


Hollands: we replace control units, plastic or metal chains, new tassels, springs, restitch fabric, replace timber or metal bottom rails, brackets.

Venetians (Timber, Plastic, Aluminium): we replace and re-oil slats, replace ladders and ladder tapes, replace cords, head box, bottom rails, brackets.

Verticals: we repair and replace tracks and change control sides, stacking or bunching, replace fabric, control cords and tilter chain, replace bottom weights and link chain, restitch fabrics or weights on the bottom, brackets